Weed:A Magical Ecstasy


Weed is something that God has given to us and we really shouldn’t destroy it.
Alcohol is something that humans have made and weed is something that God have made.
Whom do you trust?
Human or God?
Weed is something that can’t be wiped out from this world.
Even if someone really really did it,there will be weed that’s left out.
It is something that cannot be wiped out from the earth.
Smoking weed is really something magical.
There are people who have quitted alcohol and cigrattes(its a minority case) because of weed.

And if every country will make weed legal,then its benefactory to their governments too.
We all know that weed is illegal.
And things that are illegal have more cost than things that are legal.
If its made legal,then think of all the money people are going to save.

Smoking weed gives the best in us.
We become really good artist.
Listen to shit songs and it will still be great.
We become really relaxed.

Rolling a joint is something that’s really interesting.
In your circle,the most frequently asked questions would be,
First,Have you got the weed?
Second,Lets roll a joint or shall we make a bong?
Third and the last,Who would roll the joint?

The first question is quickly replied with a Yes or No.Sometimes there would be delay for it.
The Second question is also not so time consuming.
It really depends on your friends.
Some people prefer bong and others like a nice blunt.
The last question is the one which is the shortest.
Ther would be a maximum of two coversations.
You roll mahn,
And he would also reply the same thing.
Then one would praise the other by saying that the way he rolls is the best.
Your rolling will make us high.
By hearing this,the other person will definitely roll it.
And on some circumstances,there would be someone who is not lazy and is eager to roll.
He finds some thrill in it.

Being in a group of stoners is really amazing.
They will talk about many fucked up topics and this will be very interesting.
And if you smoke weed,then you are a lucky guy.
Because weed is something that really makes us feel lucky.

P.S.:I don’t promote smoking weed.Those who don’t smoke weed,try not to smoke it.
And if you smoke weed,try your best to quit and if you can’t stop smoking weed,then enjoy it.

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