Smoking is the most addictive thing there is.

Did you know that 6 million smokers die every year due to smoking.
If you really thimk about it then it is a good thing,as imagine if 6 million people don’t die from smoking.
Think about the population now.
So its a good method to control population.
So remove that good for nothing cancer pics and throat pic from the packet and put a smiley on there as smoking controls over population.

For people who smoke.

Why do you smoke?
What do you gain from smoking?
Why are you doing this to yourself?
Can’t you quit?(Y/N?)
Why don’t you then quit?

A Smoker may lack many things,
But commitment is not one of them.
We will smoke even if we are on any other planet.
That’s the level of dedication a smoker gives to cigrattes.

These are probably the most frequently asked questions to a person who smokes regularly.Right?
The answer to all these questions cannot be said..
Because you have to smoke to understand that.
The answer to the last question is the most interesting.
Can’t you quit?
Yes,I can.

Then Why don’t you quit?
Answer is that,Because I don’t want to!!

From your heart, even if you wanted to quit,you would wind up smoking the next day or the next week.
Because you like it.
Regardless of knowing the after effects of smoking,people still smoke.
Its like a magical ecstacy.
Like heaven wrapped in a thin paper and a filter at the front of it like a gateway to heaven.
There are many people who can quit drinking.
But no smoker can quit smoking for a day(or perhaps a week maximum).
Thats the beauty of smoking.
People who asks these questions are those who haven’t got to know the magical feeling of smoking yet.

You can think straight.
You can feel and explore places when you smoke.
You can enjoy the music.
Food tastes better.

Mainly everyone starts smoking at their teenage time when they have depression,frustration or boredome.
Even if we smoke when we are at these positions,we feel relieved then.
After some days,we feel more depression due to smoking.
When we smoke,more dopamine is released.This makes us addicted to it.

Why do we start smoking?
There’s not really many answers to it.
Just to look cool or because of depression.
But mainly due to friends rcommending it.
At our school or college time(mainly),our friends makes us smoke a cigratte.
And this triggers ithe spell.
After that, we want to smoke more.
We also get tempted when others smoke near us or even watching movies.
In movies,hero’s smoke cigratte to show their attitudes.
And seeing that,we also smoke to be like them.
Breakups at movies is bizzare.
After it,the hero drinks beer or liquor and smokes cigrattes or weed.
This all creates a mental imagination.

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