SELFIE is like the song which made Chainsmokers really famous.
The first song which really hitted the EDM.

Video of the song is really something.
Two girls in the washroom talking.Their words are the song lyrics.
And with the EDM comes many people with their social media’s selfies.

I don’t understand why the girls are in the bathroom for that much time.
The song generally goes like the girls talking some shit and then tells Let Me Take A Selfie.
Then the EDM hits.
And it goes on and on like a cycle.

When you go to a party,don’t just sit in the bathroom.
Go out there and enjoy the party.
Their dj was performing some really good song.

Every songs of Chainsmokers is like the same song.
There will be some really good song and then they add EDM at 3 intervals.
Even then,their songs are really good.

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