Its really nice to have a reunion.
Most guys want to get drunk and others want to see their ex-crushes.
Mainly after 2-3 years,8 out of 10 persons change.
They will have a different look,speak differently and would have a different character as he/she is a new person.

Even then,many people don’t change fully.
You all might have felt this as some things doesn’t change.

The first impact of reunion will be when you change the whattsapp group’s name to Reunion.
Then the place to the get together is determined.
Many in the group will have a contrasting view that its not time for a reunion.
Some will not come as they have more important things to do in their life.

The most cliche dialogue you will hear at a reunion is “Do you remember me?”…!
That’s really a great question.
If you have asked this question then,please don’t take me wrong.You’re an a**hole.
Do you forgets someone who have been studying with you for a couple of years.
I don’t think so.

After the get together,everyone will start to take pictures,selfies.
They don’t actually talk about their life fully.
Just give others a intro about your life now and starts clicking pictures so as to fill your social media pages.

Another important fact is that the girls that was studying with you for the past years would seem very hot.
Yeah.That’s the most wonderful thing about a reunion.
You can see that everyone has changed.
Both physically and mentally.
Guys who was a jerk will become very friendly and Girls who was not hot becomes very hot(duhhh..).
Sometimes we get very close to somebody after the get together.

But even then too,Some things doesn’t change.

Those who were BFF’s wouldn’t even talk to you like they used to before.
When your classes got over,for some time everyone would be in touch.
But lets face it.
Everything changes.That’s the way life works.
Life in your past seems beautifull now.
But some would be in touch even then.

Your love life and every fun you had at your institution will be like a dream.
A dream which you want to see once more.

Guys who see their ex-es after a long time and others who sees their crushes at that time.
They will have many doubts and gets sad about their pasts.
As if they want to change it.
Or be the smart one’s and move on with their life and got over everything.
Beacuse let’s face it,reminiscing about our past is the worst thing that you should do as that causes depression.

Things or moments that gave you happiness once will give you sadness when you think about it after.
Thinking that it will never happen again.

So enjoy your life to the fullest now as this time is not going to come again.
Find happiness in what you have not on something that you had.

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