Random Goa Stories


You all must have gone many trips to many places.
The most controversial destination for Indians is Goa..!!!
If any of your friend have gone to Goa and he/she starts describing about the trip,then the story they tell will be like a Brazzers movie(i.e.,not going to happen).

They would be starting the story with the cliche line as when he was at the beach or at a club,there was this hot girl who was looking at him.
That’s kind of believable.

Then the story goes to she came over to me and started dancing with me.
And told me that I was cute…
That can be real too if he is!?

Then the impossible starts as then she wanted to have sex with him…
This is the part when you starts having the doubts that whether he is boasting or not?
Just imagine that you are in Goa.
There would be many hot men and women there.Also foreigners.
If any girl wants to have sex with someone,then it would be with someone who knows what he’s doing.
Not with some loser.
Not that your friend is a loser.
But foreigners have a great chance of getting laid than that of an Indian.
Like with a more dark complexion,hairy body,d**ks are also there to consider.
Whose is more attractive?
Indian or foreign?

Why many persons say things that had not taken place in their trips to others who have not came along them is because they just want be a big shot among that friend circle.Or just want to make you jealous of him.
But some stories they say might be true.
You know the person in your circle who boasts about things he had done which he hadn’t really done.
This is just about him.

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