Lie about Trailers

Trailers are really deceptive.
We are deceived by the trailers of upcoming movies or web/Tv serieses.
Mainly there are two types of trailers.
One which shows the entire plot in 2-3 mins.
And the other which keeps us in suspense.
That’s the one which is really the villain here.

These trailers mainly shows a bit of scenes which will not link to any plot of the movie.
That’s really a brilliance.
It makes us go and see the film.
Some also deceives us by showing a plot in the trailer and the film may not be about it too.

As of every trailers,every one of them would have a great intro of the hero.
And a spicy hot intro or scene of the heroine.
Then there is teasers.
That’s roughly 1 minute.
So that’s negligible.

Gone is the days where you could understand the whole movie by just seeing the trailers and songs.
Now,trailers arises a doubt to what the real plot of the movie is.

So don’t become a fool by seeing the trailers and thinking that you’ve got the plot.
Think again.
See the film.
That’s the right way.

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