FRIENDS is really a song which is very brutal.
Anne Marie is avoiding Marshmello here.
The song is about every girls words about breaking up.

Anne marie is very harsh to marshmello.
We can’t blame her too,
I mean isn’t it awkward to date a guy with a box up his head.
Even if she wanted to kiss,that would not be even a bit good.
Its better to kiss a pillow than that box.

In this song marshmello is the ex of Anne marie.
And she wants both of them to be friends(burnt!!).

Also in the song,the word fucking is muted a bit and i don’t know why they did that.
Everyone would understand it even then.
I think it is just to make the song children friendly.!!
And the video is also very relaxing to see.
Many hot girls with her.
And Anne marie also shows half her bra by wearing a small t-shirt.
In some scenes she wears it like that.
Just put a sweater above it.
She shows this and muted the F-word.
That’s just sick!!
What is the reason for it?
This song didn’t needed such scenes.
Even though she is exposing a bit,I don’t care as she’s great.

If the song’s lyrics were not sang but were said by some girl in some romance film,then it would be a heartbreaking scene.
Anne Marie made it so simple and gives a jolly mood for everyone hearing it.

At the end,I think that both of them got together.
If you hadn’t watched it,go and watch it now.
There is also an acoustic cover of the song.Check that out too.

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