Education System Problems

The biggest blunder nowadays in our lives is our education system.
We have no idea what we are studying,yet we still study it.
If you think about why we are studying?
Why do we need to get good marks in exams?
The answer would be that your parents have told you to get good marks.
This is really a good answer when you are a kid.
But as we get older,the answer changes.
If we study well and get good grades,then we can study in a good university after.
And after that to get a good job.
To marry a pretty girl.
Then to have childrens.
Then this cycle continues as we put our children to a school.
We waste a lot of money in studying something that is of no use to us after graduating.
Then we take back all those money by doing some job.
If you think of it,the best place to invest is in education not at some banks.
But banks are safe.I was just kidding.

In India there are mainly 3 types of courses to do.
Engineering,Medicine and then wtf are you studying courses.

And if we make any mistake while we are at school,we will get punished.
As a human,we are not allowed to make mistakes.
That’s what our education system is teaching us.
As a great man once said,”People should make mistakes so that they could learn from that”.
But we are punished for simple mistakes.
We are getting more and more afraid of others.
We are losing a freedom to speech.

We don’t even respect our teachers anymore now.
We are just afraid of them.
It is not important that whether we respect him/her from our heart.
All that matters is that if we are showing it.

As a student we have no idea why we are studying this particular topic.
The biggest example is calculus.
I’m not going into Chemistry or Phisics because nothing we study really makes sense.
Where is the practical use for an individual in differentiation and integration?
Salt analysis?Periodic tables?Atomic numbers?Simple pendulum?
The only place where it really matters is at your exams.
But despite of what i tell you.Write your exams well.
If not then you are going to end up bad.
Not a good job,not a good security,….,not a sad life.
Exams really tests How much can we memorize.Not how much we understand or learn.
Our future is dependent on a single paper that is examined by an invigilator that we don’t even know.
What if that ivigilator fucks up your paper.
That in turns fucks up your lfuture.Life.

I don’t see any advantages in memorizing.
But it might helps you at times.
But don’t judge a student by his grades.

We just read books that are given in the syllabus.
It doesn’t teaches you about life.
You need experiences to learn from.
We don’t have time to read other literature books or other books that give information about something that’s not on your syllabus.
Every student is bruised and that’s why they are afraid to raise their voices.
This fear is going to be with you for a long time too.
By the time you graduate,you are going to regret it.
But going to institutions also gives us some friends.
That’s the only thing that i have thought is good coming from this.

Education is not something that can be covered in a simple post like this.
Be aware of your mistakes and learn other things than your textbooks to get somewhere.
Don’t waste your time.
Don’t become a robot.
And tell me what you feel in the comment box.
I will reply your opinions and questions.

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