Types of drinkers.

People who don’t drink and just eats their food along with some juice like frooti.

1.The best of the drinkers is the person with a limit.
I personally have a 3 shot rule.
And don’t drink after it so as to have a good mood along with a medium control to my actions.

2.The worst is the ones who throws up after drinking.
If you can’t take it all in then why bother to drink that much?
Seeing someone puking can cause others to start puking too.

3.The interesting fact about drinkers is that they will start to say their love story after they’re drunk.
And its the best way to hear their story because … you just have to hear it,its the feeling that matters the most.
They even drunk dial their exes and some abuses them verbally,others cries and some others just say that they are over him/her.
It is in these times that we have to think of our past.
Because in today’s technology its very easy to make a phone call.
You all must have remembered the old phone with a circular dialer.
If someone was drunk dialing,then it would take forever to call her.
And by the time the call is placed,you would be sober.

4.I forgot the most amazing fact about the drunk people.
They’re the “I’m fine,I’m not drunk!!!….” people.
Even if they can’t stand up,they’ll never say that they’re drunk and needs help.
But instead,they just say that they’re not drunk.
Who in their right minds would believe them?
They say that because of their ego.
Just as to not create a negative image of them.

It’s the only time when a man can be reffered in terms of women.
Its the time when a drunk man is equal to a sober woman.
In both times,as if a drunk man or a sober woman says that he/she is fine,they’re really not!!

5.There are also some fake story builder too in your group.
He/she will tell some stories about them which even christopher nolan can’t direct.

But if we are drunk to a level of extent, then we would hear it and listen carefully too.
Only when we’re sober will we understand what all happened the last night.

6.The Beer lover is a type of guy who wants only beer,no liquor.
That’s not a bad thing.
He knows how to control himself.
Its like a person with limits.

7.There are also some people who wants to fight with everyone for no reason.
They have that mentality after they drink.
They would be like….Hey bro,Lets beat him.!

8.There are guys who would be floating in the air.
Those are the best feelings in the world.
To get that feeling,we drink.
It really loosens our mind and body.
It makes us feel relaxed.
We feel that our soul is out of our body and trying to fresh up.
It makes us so relaxed that we feel that our soul takes off their underwear if its a boy
and that the soul is taking off her bra if its a girl.
It just not makes sense aymore when we are drunk.Or does it makes sense only when we’re drunk.?

Its the position when we don’t feel ashamed of anything.
We can talk freely about anything without even thinking about it.

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