Having a crush on somebody is a damn a great feeling to have.
Our first crush is something that we remember throughout our life.
We maybe young at that time.
Everything would be like going according to the plan.
Some people are very brave and tells a girl who he has crush on instantly.
He may not even know anything about her,but still wants to be with her.
All her negatives turn into positive for you.

There are many souls on this world who haven’t yet told his crush this.
He is afraid to lose their friendship if they are having a friendship!!
We stare at her just simply.
We listen to really melodious songs.
Thinking about her.
Maybe change our wallpapers too.
And only 2 out of 10 first crushes are succesful in reaching a relationship state.
Because the films we see perpetuate love as something else.
We think that it is love and goes according to those film rules.
Others have a small plot of how to impress her and does that.

After that crush being passed and the phase of getting over her comes,
It becomes a nightmare.
Our friends may still tease you about the earlier times.
You will get sad hearing that.

And then you reach a state where,when you wake up one day
and you may feel that she is not that goodlooking.
She has many problems with her.
Thank god that she didn’t fall for me.
This is the moment,gentleman,you gets over her.
And after that,when you see her,you don’t get that special feeling you had for her early.
Those magical feelings have faded away.

And after that,you really start to become a bit mature.
You know when to say something and to whom to say something.
These are from those mistakes you had made earlier.
That’s why not successing in your first love is a good thing.
You will have motivation.
You would want to do new things.
You will know where you are weak.
If it became a success,then there’s another magical feeling of achieving something you

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