Ciao Adios

Ciao adios is one of my favourite songs.

Its mainly because I love Anne Marie.

Everyone really likes the song as it really rhymes and is good to hear.
But the song is not a really happy song,
If you listen to the lyrics.

Its basically Anne Marie singing about her boyfriend who is now in a new relationship.
In the begining of the song Anne Marie sings about the doubts she had about him during their relationships.
But she says that even though this all happened,she hopes that he treats her(New gf) better than he treated her(Anne Marie).
And she doesn’t wants to waste her time if he doesn’t want to be with her.
She has also seen both of them kissing and having fun.
And Anne was cool about it all.
She just sang about it and didn’t made a fuss about anything.
The songs main part is that She is done.
That’s creative.
And her bf knew to play guitar.

And she is even insisting to take his new gf on his fancy car and to make out in the rain.
She has seen it before.Maybe she was mocking him.Or she saw that he was really happy at that moment and she liked to see him happy.
This is why i love anne more.
I don’t think that anyone would be so cool about it.
And she even looks very happy in the song just dancing and singing.

I really enjoy listening to the song and just makes me feel good.
Its really an inspirational song.
Even though she has these much problems,she ignores it all and sings and dances openly.

Girls should learn from her.

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