Anaconda:Nikki Minaj


Anaconda of Nikki Minaj is something extra ordinary.
It is something which is really good to hear and which feels very good to watch too.
It’s a bit vulgar.
I mean which isn’t?Sorry!!!
But Anaconda really has some twerk moves.

But the song is too sexy.
Nikki and her dancers too.
I think that most kids watch it with a minimum volume.

In this song,Nikki says a line,
Oh my god,look at that butt!!
Not anything against you Nikki,
Even if you don’t say it,we will.
And she wears thong every time she says that.
Even if you wear sweatpants,we will surely check out that butt.

I don’t think that anyone can watch this song without a hard-on,for boys only.
But Nikki not only has a great butt,she is a great rapper too.
If any of you want to add anything,write it below in the comment section.
And if you got offended by me saying about Nikki’s butt,then fcuk off.
Even she says that she has a great butt.
And she is proud of her butt.
And we really notice her boobs very rarely.
Can’t blame anyone,with that butt,even an earthquake is unnoticable.

I know that I’m saying about her butt more in this post.
But don’t blame me,I’m a man too.
When someone says anything to you about Nikki Minaj,
Her ass would be the first thing you would remember rather than her face.

Magenta Riddim:DJ Snake

Magenta Riddim is a song from DJ Snake.
The song’s name is from the matchbox name in the video.
The EDM of this video makes this video very pleasant to read.
And I think that no one really has any clue about what the lyrics is..!!Right?

The video is shooted at,I think,Karnataka India.
The video shows us a few firecrew people.
And the most funny part is that they are always happy and dancing.
And they dance in a very hilarious manner.

And this is the only place to see someone really loves their job.
I don’t know why.
And all the people really sees them as some celebrities.

The ending of the song is like seeing a christopher nolan film.
The little guy,who by the way is the most happiest guy in the group,
Discovers that the fire they are extinguishing at last is the fire that is made by their captain.
And from that moment,he is like stoned.
Like he was living a lie.
I don’t think that he can be sane again.
Because by the look of the video,they are really happy and joyous in their job.
So,it must came as a shock to him.

And also,the fire extinguishing scene at the end is like a fantasy dream coming true.
They’re flying around in the sky.
It’s not that a bit unreal if you have seen any telugu films.
Just check out some scenes of any telugu film and I will guarantee you that you will not regret it.


Treat You Better:Shawn Mendes

Treat you better shows us about the things that are left out in the past,that can't be reversed.
The song has gotten more than a bilion views and it really deserved it.

Shawn Mendes says that he can treat his ex better than her new bf.
That's what this song is about.
But if he can treat her better,then why the hell did she left him.
Maybe she doesn't wanted to be treated that goodly.

Shawn is really going through a phase,the breakup phase.
She dumped her.Obviously.
That's why he sings this song.
But thank god that she dumped him,
That is why we got an amazing song to hear.
I think that its time to move on Shawn.

If you listen to this song's lyrics very carefully,then
you can find that this is the same things that go through our head when someone dumps us.
And we all know that what happened in the past can't be fixed.
There is no use in thinking about all those things now.

You have gotten a billion viewed song and be happy about it.
At least you have gotten something of use from your breakup.
People like us have gotten nothing like this.



SELFIE is like the song which made Chainsmokers really famous.
The first song which really hitted the EDM.

Video of the song is really something.
Two girls in the washroom talking.Their words are the song lyrics.
And with the EDM comes many people with their social media’s selfies.

I don’t understand why the girls are in the bathroom for that much time.
The song generally goes like the girls talking some shit and then tells Let Me Take A Selfie.
Then the EDM hits.
And it goes on and on like a cycle.

When you go to a party,don’t just sit in the bathroom.
Go out there and enjoy the party.
Their dj was performing some really good song.

Every songs of Chainsmokers is like the same song.
There will be some really good song and then they add EDM at 3 intervals.
Even then,their songs are really good.



FRIENDS is really a song which is very brutal.
Anne Marie is avoiding Marshmello here.
The song is about every girls words about breaking up.

Anne marie is very harsh to marshmello.
We can’t blame her too,
I mean isn’t it awkward to date a guy with a box up his head.
Even if she wanted to kiss,that would not be even a bit good.
Its better to kiss a pillow than that box.

In this song marshmello is the ex of Anne marie.
And she wants both of them to be friends(burnt!!).

Also in the song,the word fucking is muted a bit and i don’t know why they did that.
Everyone would understand it even then.
I think it is just to make the song children friendly.!!
And the video is also very relaxing to see.
Many hot girls with her.
And Anne marie also shows half her bra by wearing a small t-shirt.
In some scenes she wears it like that.
Just put a sweater above it.
She shows this and muted the F-word.
That’s just sick!!
What is the reason for it?
This song didn’t needed such scenes.
Even though she is exposing a bit,I don’t care as she’s great.

If the song’s lyrics were not sang but were said by some girl in some romance film,then it would be a heartbreaking scene.
Anne Marie made it so simple and gives a jolly mood for everyone hearing it.

At the end,I think that both of them got together.
If you hadn’t watched it,go and watch it now.
There is also an acoustic cover of the song.Check that out too.

I’m an Albatross

Aronchupa’s I’m an albatross is a song with super bass.
The video shows Aronchupa and a few girls getting ready for something in a makeup room.
Then there is a dj guy and an old man playing a piano.

The song is a bit racist against rats.
As the lyrics,Fuck that layo mouse indicates.
But who the fuck cares,right?
They don’t have an internet connection to see this.

Mouse,Dogs,or any animal is okay.
And I think Aronchupa favors albatross more than anything.
That’s her wish,right?
It’s her song.

Ciao Adios

Ciao adios is one of my favourite songs.

Its mainly because I love Anne Marie.

Everyone really likes the song as it really rhymes and is good to hear.
But the song is not a really happy song,
If you listen to the lyrics.

Its basically Anne Marie singing about her boyfriend who is now in a new relationship.
In the begining of the song Anne Marie sings about the doubts she had about him during their relationships.
But she says that even though this all happened,she hopes that he treats her(New gf) better than he treated her(Anne Marie).
And she doesn’t wants to waste her time if he doesn’t want to be with her.
She has also seen both of them kissing and having fun.
And Anne was cool about it all.
She just sang about it and didn’t made a fuss about anything.
The songs main part is that She is done.
That’s creative.
And her bf knew to play guitar.

And she is even insisting to take his new gf on his fancy car and to make out in the rain.
She has seen it before.Maybe she was mocking him.Or she saw that he was really happy at that moment and she liked to see him happy.
This is why i love anne more.
I don’t think that anyone would be so cool about it.
And she even looks very happy in the song just dancing and singing.

I really enjoy listening to the song and just makes me feel good.
Its really an inspirational song.
Even though she has these much problems,she ignores it all and sings and dances openly.

Girls should learn from her.