Lie about Trailers

Trailers are really deceptive.
We are deceived by the trailers of upcoming movies or web/Tv serieses.
Mainly there are two types of trailers.
One which shows the entire plot in 2-3 mins.
And the other which keeps us in suspense.
That’s the one which is really the villain here.

These trailers mainly shows a bit of scenes which will not link to any plot of the movie.
That’s really a brilliance.
It makes us go and see the film.
Some also deceives us by showing a plot in the trailer and the film may not be about it too.

As of every trailers,every one of them would have a great intro of the hero.
And a spicy hot intro or scene of the heroine.
Then there is teasers.
That’s roughly 1 minute.
So that’s negligible.

Gone is the days where you could understand the whole movie by just seeing the trailers and songs.
Now,trailers arises a doubt to what the real plot of the movie is.

So don’t become a fool by seeing the trailers and thinking that you’ve got the plot.
Think again.
See the film.
That’s the right way.


Having a crush on somebody is a damn a great feeling to have.
Our first crush is something that we remember throughout our life.
We maybe young at that time.
Everything would be like going according to the plan.
Some people are very brave and tells a girl who he has crush on instantly.
He may not even know anything about her,but still wants to be with her.
All her negatives turn into positive for you.

There are many souls on this world who haven’t yet told his crush this.
He is afraid to lose their friendship if they are having a friendship!!
We stare at her just simply.
We listen to really melodious songs.
Thinking about her.
Maybe change our wallpapers too.
And only 2 out of 10 first crushes are succesful in reaching a relationship state.
Because the films we see perpetuate love as something else.
We think that it is love and goes according to those film rules.
Others have a small plot of how to impress her and does that.

After that crush being passed and the phase of getting over her comes,
It becomes a nightmare.
Our friends may still tease you about the earlier times.
You will get sad hearing that.

And then you reach a state where,when you wake up one day
and you may feel that she is not that goodlooking.
She has many problems with her.
Thank god that she didn’t fall for me.
This is the moment,gentleman,you gets over her.
And after that,when you see her,you don’t get that special feeling you had for her early.
Those magical feelings have faded away.

And after that,you really start to become a bit mature.
You know when to say something and to whom to say something.
These are from those mistakes you had made earlier.
That’s why not successing in your first love is a good thing.
You will have motivation.
You would want to do new things.
You will know where you are weak.
If it became a success,then there’s another magical feeling of achieving something you

Education System Problems

The biggest blunder nowadays in our lives is our education system.
We have no idea what we are studying,yet we still study it.
If you think about why we are studying?
Why do we need to get good marks in exams?
The answer would be that your parents have told you to get good marks.
This is really a good answer when you are a kid.
But as we get older,the answer changes.
If we study well and get good grades,then we can study in a good university after.
And after that to get a good job.
To marry a pretty girl.
Then to have childrens.
Then this cycle continues as we put our children to a school.
We waste a lot of money in studying something that is of no use to us after graduating.
Then we take back all those money by doing some job.
If you think of it,the best place to invest is in education not at some banks.
But banks are safe.I was just kidding.

In India there are mainly 3 types of courses to do.
Engineering,Medicine and then wtf are you studying courses.

And if we make any mistake while we are at school,we will get punished.
As a human,we are not allowed to make mistakes.
That’s what our education system is teaching us.
As a great man once said,”People should make mistakes so that they could learn from that”.
But we are punished for simple mistakes.
We are getting more and more afraid of others.
We are losing a freedom to speech.

We don’t even respect our teachers anymore now.
We are just afraid of them.
It is not important that whether we respect him/her from our heart.
All that matters is that if we are showing it.

As a student we have no idea why we are studying this particular topic.
The biggest example is calculus.
I’m not going into Chemistry or Phisics because nothing we study really makes sense.
Where is the practical use for an individual in differentiation and integration?
Salt analysis?Periodic tables?Atomic numbers?Simple pendulum?
The only place where it really matters is at your exams.
But despite of what i tell you.Write your exams well.
If not then you are going to end up bad.
Not a good job,not a good security,….,not a sad life.
Exams really tests How much can we memorize.Not how much we understand or learn.
Our future is dependent on a single paper that is examined by an invigilator that we don’t even know.
What if that ivigilator fucks up your paper.
That in turns fucks up your lfuture.Life.

I don’t see any advantages in memorizing.
But it might helps you at times.
But don’t judge a student by his grades.

We just read books that are given in the syllabus.
It doesn’t teaches you about life.
You need experiences to learn from.
We don’t have time to read other literature books or other books that give information about something that’s not on your syllabus.
Every student is bruised and that’s why they are afraid to raise their voices.
This fear is going to be with you for a long time too.
By the time you graduate,you are going to regret it.
But going to institutions also gives us some friends.
That’s the only thing that i have thought is good coming from this.

Education is not something that can be covered in a simple post like this.
Be aware of your mistakes and learn other things than your textbooks to get somewhere.
Don’t waste your time.
Don’t become a robot.
And tell me what you feel in the comment box.
I will reply your opinions and questions.

Weed:A Magical Ecstasy


Weed is something that God has given to us and we really shouldn’t destroy it.
Alcohol is something that humans have made and weed is something that God have made.
Whom do you trust?
Human or God?
Weed is something that can’t be wiped out from this world.
Even if someone really really did it,there will be weed that’s left out.
It is something that cannot be wiped out from the earth.
Smoking weed is really something magical.
There are people who have quitted alcohol and cigrattes(its a minority case) because of weed.

And if every country will make weed legal,then its benefactory to their governments too.
We all know that weed is illegal.
And things that are illegal have more cost than things that are legal.
If its made legal,then think of all the money people are going to save.

Smoking weed gives the best in us.
We become really good artist.
Listen to shit songs and it will still be great.
We become really relaxed.

Rolling a joint is something that’s really interesting.
In your circle,the most frequently asked questions would be,
First,Have you got the weed?
Second,Lets roll a joint or shall we make a bong?
Third and the last,Who would roll the joint?

The first question is quickly replied with a Yes or No.Sometimes there would be delay for it.
The Second question is also not so time consuming.
It really depends on your friends.
Some people prefer bong and others like a nice blunt.
The last question is the one which is the shortest.
Ther would be a maximum of two coversations.
You roll mahn,
And he would also reply the same thing.
Then one would praise the other by saying that the way he rolls is the best.
Your rolling will make us high.
By hearing this,the other person will definitely roll it.
And on some circumstances,there would be someone who is not lazy and is eager to roll.
He finds some thrill in it.

Being in a group of stoners is really amazing.
They will talk about many fucked up topics and this will be very interesting.
And if you smoke weed,then you are a lucky guy.
Because weed is something that really makes us feel lucky.

P.S.:I don’t promote smoking weed.Those who don’t smoke weed,try not to smoke it.
And if you smoke weed,try your best to quit and if you can’t stop smoking weed,then enjoy it.


Smoking is the most addictive thing there is.

Did you know that 6 million smokers die every year due to smoking.
If you really thimk about it then it is a good thing,as imagine if 6 million people don’t die from smoking.
Think about the population now.
So its a good method to control population.
So remove that good for nothing cancer pics and throat pic from the packet and put a smiley on there as smoking controls over population.

For people who smoke.

Why do you smoke?
What do you gain from smoking?
Why are you doing this to yourself?
Can’t you quit?(Y/N?)
Why don’t you then quit?

A Smoker may lack many things,
But commitment is not one of them.
We will smoke even if we are on any other planet.
That’s the level of dedication a smoker gives to cigrattes.

These are probably the most frequently asked questions to a person who smokes regularly.Right?
The answer to all these questions cannot be said..
Because you have to smoke to understand that.
The answer to the last question is the most interesting.
Can’t you quit?
Yes,I can.

Then Why don’t you quit?
Answer is that,Because I don’t want to!!

From your heart, even if you wanted to quit,you would wind up smoking the next day or the next week.
Because you like it.
Regardless of knowing the after effects of smoking,people still smoke.
Its like a magical ecstacy.
Like heaven wrapped in a thin paper and a filter at the front of it like a gateway to heaven.
There are many people who can quit drinking.
But no smoker can quit smoking for a day(or perhaps a week maximum).
Thats the beauty of smoking.
People who asks these questions are those who haven’t got to know the magical feeling of smoking yet.

You can think straight.
You can feel and explore places when you smoke.
You can enjoy the music.
Food tastes better.

Mainly everyone starts smoking at their teenage time when they have depression,frustration or boredome.
Even if we smoke when we are at these positions,we feel relieved then.
After some days,we feel more depression due to smoking.
When we smoke,more dopamine is released.This makes us addicted to it.

Why do we start smoking?
There’s not really many answers to it.
Just to look cool or because of depression.
But mainly due to friends rcommending it.
At our school or college time(mainly),our friends makes us smoke a cigratte.
And this triggers ithe spell.
After that, we want to smoke more.
We also get tempted when others smoke near us or even watching movies.
In movies,hero’s smoke cigratte to show their attitudes.
And seeing that,we also smoke to be like them.
Breakups at movies is bizzare.
After it,the hero drinks beer or liquor and smokes cigrattes or weed.
This all creates a mental imagination.


Its really nice to have a reunion.
Most guys want to get drunk and others want to see their ex-crushes.
Mainly after 2-3 years,8 out of 10 persons change.
They will have a different look,speak differently and would have a different character as he/she is a new person.

Even then,many people don’t change fully.
You all might have felt this as some things doesn’t change.

The first impact of reunion will be when you change the whattsapp group’s name to Reunion.
Then the place to the get together is determined.
Many in the group will have a contrasting view that its not time for a reunion.
Some will not come as they have more important things to do in their life.

The most cliche dialogue you will hear at a reunion is “Do you remember me?”…!
That’s really a great question.
If you have asked this question then,please don’t take me wrong.You’re an a**hole.
Do you forgets someone who have been studying with you for a couple of years.
I don’t think so.

After the get together,everyone will start to take pictures,selfies.
They don’t actually talk about their life fully.
Just give others a intro about your life now and starts clicking pictures so as to fill your social media pages.

Another important fact is that the girls that was studying with you for the past years would seem very hot.
Yeah.That’s the most wonderful thing about a reunion.
You can see that everyone has changed.
Both physically and mentally.
Guys who was a jerk will become very friendly and Girls who was not hot becomes very hot(duhhh..).
Sometimes we get very close to somebody after the get together.

But even then too,Some things doesn’t change.

Those who were BFF’s wouldn’t even talk to you like they used to before.
When your classes got over,for some time everyone would be in touch.
But lets face it.
Everything changes.That’s the way life works.
Life in your past seems beautifull now.
But some would be in touch even then.

Your love life and every fun you had at your institution will be like a dream.
A dream which you want to see once more.

Guys who see their ex-es after a long time and others who sees their crushes at that time.
They will have many doubts and gets sad about their pasts.
As if they want to change it.
Or be the smart one’s and move on with their life and got over everything.
Beacuse let’s face it,reminiscing about our past is the worst thing that you should do as that causes depression.

Things or moments that gave you happiness once will give you sadness when you think about it after.
Thinking that it will never happen again.

So enjoy your life to the fullest now as this time is not going to come again.
Find happiness in what you have not on something that you had.



Pornography is something that can’t be removed from everyone’s life now.
Almost 50% of the internet is about porn.

Think about banning of porn.
Can you live through it?
Don’t be selfish too,also think about the lives hanging to it.
Pornstars,Porn directors,everyone working on that field along with us.

But personally I don’t have anything against it too.
Porn have evolved through time.
New positions have been demonstrated.
Cumshots became compulsory.
Many many categories have too emerged that we could have only dreamt about…
Going to a pornsite is pretty awesome.
Its both hilarious and also horny(duuh…!).Why are we in here for the first time?
Their homepage is great.
Really..We won’t feel bad for a pornsite.
Just get in any pornsite and we would be happy.
But there are other crappy pornsites too.

Just think of the categories like TopRated Videos.
We can be assured that the videos in this category would be great as these are rated top.
But who in their right minds have time to rate a video when you are busy jerking off to them.
And What is there in them to rate?
Big titties?Cock?Ass?Direction?Camera?
Like the script was awesome.
Seeing the film it looks like Christopher nolan’s or Martin Scorcesse’s film.
And their dialogues…ooh….aah….fuck….aah…
Thats it man.
If you want to rate any movie?Go to IMDB,Bookmyshow etc.

Another one is VideosWatched Rightnow.
Why would you want to see it?
Just to not feel lonely?
So that someone is jerking off to that video too.

Ads in those pornsites.
They’re like awful.
Just all of a sudden,all your neighbours wants to have sex with you.
They just puts some random pictures of nude girls and writes it below.
Some go a little far.
They puts pictures of celebrities and says that they want to fuck you.
Like they don’t give a fuck…!!!!!!

This was actually the first thing that I wanted to write..
In most of the pornsites,we see a warning page.
Even if you are not over 18,we still click yes.
Have any of you reading this have pressed no?
If yes then please share with us what is the next thing that’s going to happen because me personally have never pressed no…

After sometime,when you are completely addicted to porn.You wouldn’t find satisfaction in your relationships too…
Like in the movie DON JON,you would go to mastubrate even after having sex with your partner and that’s gross.
Porn will be your reality.
You wouldn’t even get turned on by the things that you can feel in real and gets turned on by the scenes in a virtual video.

People who are bored,desperate or sad should watch porn because,
It will refresh you and make you more energetic.
There is no suspenses in pornfilms.No tragedy.
Nice script though.right?
Best climax…..
Almost the same storyline.
Actor meets actress..and they fucks.
Sometimes it will be a solo,duet or threesome..sometimes gangbang.
Apart from all that,How horny are they to fuck someone instantly as they meet them?
Even there is such a problem,we love it.
No human ever would cry wathing a pornclip.
That’s the beauty of it.

These are our life.
What about our old generation?
They had a bunch of crappy porn cd’s,magazines,TV shows etc.
But as we watch more and more..
We also starts to feel less interested.
That’s because everything is at our fingertips nowadays.

Many misconsuptions will be also there for porn.
Like fucking for an hour is like crazy.
Cumshots is like a dream.
Big dicks and titties are not compulsory in real life situations.
We would have to adjust.
Porn is not really life.
It’s just to entertain us.

Random Goa Stories


You all must have gone many trips to many places.
The most controversial destination for Indians is Goa..!!!
If any of your friend have gone to Goa and he/she starts describing about the trip,then the story they tell will be like a Brazzers movie(i.e.,not going to happen).

They would be starting the story with the cliche line as when he was at the beach or at a club,there was this hot girl who was looking at him.
That’s kind of believable.

Then the story goes to she came over to me and started dancing with me.
And told me that I was cute…
That can be real too if he is!?

Then the impossible starts as then she wanted to have sex with him…
This is the part when you starts having the doubts that whether he is boasting or not?
Just imagine that you are in Goa.
There would be many hot men and women there.Also foreigners.
If any girl wants to have sex with someone,then it would be with someone who knows what he’s doing.
Not with some loser.
Not that your friend is a loser.
But foreigners have a great chance of getting laid than that of an Indian.
Like with a more dark complexion,hairy body,d**ks are also there to consider.
Whose is more attractive?
Indian or foreign?

Why many persons say things that had not taken place in their trips to others who have not came along them is because they just want be a big shot among that friend circle.Or just want to make you jealous of him.
But some stories they say might be true.
You know the person in your circle who boasts about things he had done which he hadn’t really done.
This is just about him.


Being shy is a common thing in everybody.
We feel ashamed to talk to someone we don’t know.
We can’t open up.

Especially for boys to talk to girls.
Most of the guys would feel awkward to be with a girl besides him.
We feel insecure with them.
That’s the reason for being shy.

As we interact with more people,we will come to the conclusion that its no big deal.
As I have said earlier that insecurity leads to shyness.
If we are confident about ourselves,then we feel proud not shy.
As is the matter of any skills too,like performing anything on stage with audiences.
If we feel that we are good at it,then we won’t have any problem.

You can see that there are some boys/girls who don’t talk much in person.
But talk in social medias to you so much.
Its because they are afraid to talk in person as they have less interaction with other gender.
Some others have problems about their looks.
That all is their confidence being low.
Low self-esteem leads to only more depression.
Get over it.
Talk to everyone.Atleast to your classmates.
That’s the start.


Types of drinkers.

People who don’t drink and just eats their food along with some juice like frooti.

1.The best of the drinkers is the person with a limit.
I personally have a 3 shot rule.
And don’t drink after it so as to have a good mood along with a medium control to my actions.

2.The worst is the ones who throws up after drinking.
If you can’t take it all in then why bother to drink that much?
Seeing someone puking can cause others to start puking too.

3.The interesting fact about drinkers is that they will start to say their love story after they’re drunk.
And its the best way to hear their story because … you just have to hear it,its the feeling that matters the most.
They even drunk dial their exes and some abuses them verbally,others cries and some others just say that they are over him/her.
It is in these times that we have to think of our past.
Because in today’s technology its very easy to make a phone call.
You all must have remembered the old phone with a circular dialer.
If someone was drunk dialing,then it would take forever to call her.
And by the time the call is placed,you would be sober.

4.I forgot the most amazing fact about the drunk people.
They’re the “I’m fine,I’m not drunk!!!….” people.
Even if they can’t stand up,they’ll never say that they’re drunk and needs help.
But instead,they just say that they’re not drunk.
Who in their right minds would believe them?
They say that because of their ego.
Just as to not create a negative image of them.

It’s the only time when a man can be reffered in terms of women.
Its the time when a drunk man is equal to a sober woman.
In both times,as if a drunk man or a sober woman says that he/she is fine,they’re really not!!

5.There are also some fake story builder too in your group.
He/she will tell some stories about them which even christopher nolan can’t direct.

But if we are drunk to a level of extent, then we would hear it and listen carefully too.
Only when we’re sober will we understand what all happened the last night.

6.The Beer lover is a type of guy who wants only beer,no liquor.
That’s not a bad thing.
He knows how to control himself.
Its like a person with limits.

7.There are also some people who wants to fight with everyone for no reason.
They have that mentality after they drink.
They would be like….Hey bro,Lets beat him.!

8.There are guys who would be floating in the air.
Those are the best feelings in the world.
To get that feeling,we drink.
It really loosens our mind and body.
It makes us feel relaxed.
We feel that our soul is out of our body and trying to fresh up.
It makes us so relaxed that we feel that our soul takes off their underwear if its a boy
and that the soul is taking off her bra if its a girl.
It just not makes sense aymore when we are drunk.Or does it makes sense only when we’re drunk.?

Its the position when we don’t feel ashamed of anything.
We can talk freely about anything without even thinking about it.