Anaconda:Nikki Minaj


Anaconda of Nikki Minaj is something extra ordinary.
It is something which is really good to hear and which feels very good to watch too.
It’s a bit vulgar.
I mean which isn’t?Sorry!!!
But Anaconda really has some twerk moves.

But the song is too sexy.
Nikki and her dancers too.
I think that most kids watch it with a minimum volume.

In this song,Nikki says a line,
Oh my god,look at that butt!!
Not anything against you Nikki,
Even if you don’t say it,we will.
And she wears thong every time she says that.
Even if you wear sweatpants,we will surely check out that butt.

I don’t think that anyone can watch this song without a hard-on,for boys only.
But Nikki not only has a great butt,she is a great rapper too.
If any of you want to add anything,write it below in the comment section.
And if you got offended by me saying about Nikki’s butt,then fcuk off.
Even she says that she has a great butt.
And she is proud of her butt.
And we really notice her boobs very rarely.
Can’t blame anyone,with that butt,even an earthquake is unnoticable.

I know that I’m saying about her butt more in this post.
But don’t blame me,I’m a man too.
When someone says anything to you about Nikki Minaj,
Her ass would be the first thing you would remember rather than her face.

Magenta Riddim:DJ Snake

Magenta Riddim is a song from DJ Snake.
The song’s name is from the matchbox name in the video.
The EDM of this video makes this video very pleasant to read.
And I think that no one really has any clue about what the lyrics is..!!Right?

The video is shooted at,I think,Karnataka India.
The video shows us a few firecrew people.
And the most funny part is that they are always happy and dancing.
And they dance in a very hilarious manner.

And this is the only place to see someone really loves their job.
I don’t know why.
And all the people really sees them as some celebrities.

The ending of the song is like seeing a christopher nolan film.
The little guy,who by the way is the most happiest guy in the group,
Discovers that the fire they are extinguishing at last is the fire that is made by their captain.
And from that moment,he is like stoned.
Like he was living a lie.
I don’t think that he can be sane again.
Because by the look of the video,they are really happy and joyous in their job.
So,it must came as a shock to him.

And also,the fire extinguishing scene at the end is like a fantasy dream coming true.
They’re flying around in the sky.
It’s not that a bit unreal if you have seen any telugu films.
Just check out some scenes of any telugu film and I will guarantee you that you will not regret it.


Lie about Trailers

Trailers are really deceptive.
We are deceived by the trailers of upcoming movies or web/Tv serieses.
Mainly there are two types of trailers.
One which shows the entire plot in 2-3 mins.
And the other which keeps us in suspense.
That’s the one which is really the villain here.

These trailers mainly shows a bit of scenes which will not link to any plot of the movie.
That’s really a brilliance.
It makes us go and see the film.
Some also deceives us by showing a plot in the trailer and the film may not be about it too.

As of every trailers,every one of them would have a great intro of the hero.
And a spicy hot intro or scene of the heroine.
Then there is teasers.
That’s roughly 1 minute.
So that’s negligible.

Gone is the days where you could understand the whole movie by just seeing the trailers and songs.
Now,trailers arises a doubt to what the real plot of the movie is.

So don’t become a fool by seeing the trailers and thinking that you’ve got the plot.
Think again.
See the film.
That’s the right way.